SonoScape A6V

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SonoScape A6V Best Selling Veterinary Ultrasound
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SonoScape A6V

SonoScape A6V Ultrasound System 

The SonoScape A6V is a fully-digital black and white machine weighing less than 6 kg. This portable veterinary ultrasound produces impressive premium images and has excellent resolution. Excellent tool for determining diagnoses. SonoScape A6V is the cost-effective choice for your practice.

Model A6V is our BEST Portable Black & White System and we think that for both large animals and mixed practice this model is the best deal. Below are the reasons.

  • Very popular all over the world due to excellent image quality.
  • Unique features for veterinary rectal probe L761V:
    • High Frequency 4-12MHz which allows for crystal clear images. There is not another ultrasound designed with such a high frequency in a rectal probe. There are some ultrasounds that have rectal probes with frequencies   up to 10MHz, but these have sacrificed the lens size--they have lens sizes as low as 50mm.  Some ultrasounds have rectal probes with lens of 70mm, but then the frequency is only 5.5/6.5/7.5MHz. To make rectal probe with high frequency and long lens 70mm is incredibly difficult. Only Sonoscape has successfully done this. ONLY SonoScape A6V has designed a rectal probe with a long lens  of 70mm and high frequency of 4-12Mhz. Experienced monographers know how important this is. 
    • Rectal probe has 128 Elements which is important for clear images (Most ultrasounds have rectal probe with only 80 elements).
    • Cord 10 Foot long (Most rectal probes are only 7 feet long).
  • Unique Veterinary Abdominal Micro-Convex probe-C612
    •  Frequency 5-9MHz (most probes safe up to 8.00MHz)
    •  The C612 probe has very wide angle lens. Excellent for examination of all sizes of dogs and cats.
    •  The probe is very small and light. Excellent when working even with the smallest animals.
  • Unique Convex probe C351 This probe goes very Deep up to 350mm (other ultrasound have convex probe that goes up to only 250mm). Depth is very important for examinations with large animals, such as goats, sheep, pigs and  horses. There is not other convex probe on the market today that works better for horses then C351.
  • Large 12″ Adjustable LCD screen - LCD screens are much better than CRT screens, feature higher image quality and surprisingly, the screen is lighter. 
  • Image on full screen – Images are displayed using most of the screen, making images large and highly visible. (There are other ultrasounds with 12″ screens but the image is only displayed on part of the screen, which reduces displayed image to 10" or less.)
  • The machine has 32 Channels –   improved image quality (most ultrasounds in similar price range have only 16 or 24 channels)
  • Sonoscape A6V comes STANDARD with carrying bag on wheels. (retail price is $300).
  • Sonoscape A6V comes STANDARD with built in battery. (for other models it is optional and at a cost of $300-$500).
  • DICOM is STANDARD. (For many models this is optional at a cost of $500).
  • A6V is light weight only 12lbs. 
  • Sonoscape A6V comes STANDARD with two probe connectors (for many ultrasounds second connector is optional at a cost of $300)
  • A6V supports many laser printers (many models do not accept laser printers ), which is very important since laser printers are very affordable, typically around $100-$150. This makes the A6V more compatible with your existing equipment.
SonoScape A6V Best Selling Veterinary Ultrasound
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SonoScape A6V

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